101 swift dogs


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101 Swift Dogs

 "The show dog ring calls in…” Exactly these are the words that announce the start of the show dogs competing ultimately hoping to win the cherished CAC or CACIB medal and the title 'Best in Show'. A dog and his handler spend only a few minutes in the ring but what a long way of painstaking preparatory work precedes that. Before being brought before the stern eyes of the judges, the dog should be trained to show his teeth, be tolerant to the manual inspection, to stand correctly (exhibition stand), and, of course, to move gracefully. In addition to that, the dog should be tolerant to their akin, do not be driven into despair and be horrified by the music roaring almost at all dog shows, do not react to the sounds of bursting air balloons and respond to other dogs barking. The show dogs should always be restrained from nonstop yelping.  But even a well trained show dog will get the ring feeling and will start to get excited in competing only after having experience in a number of venues. And only after mastering all the show wisdom the dog will become a real ring fighter.

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