101 swift dogs


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101 Swift Dogs


Barely touching the ground a dog as swift as an arrow runs the obstacle course then flies through the fire hoop and into stirring hot foxtrot with his master.

This is a real dog’s life!

Muscles hard as steel flex, the keen ear catches every word of yours; the sharp eye watches closely a slight motion. Intellectual process is on and going – the dog memorizes compares, analyses trying to do the best way whatever his worshiped master want him to do gladdening each others heart. Human intelligence, knowledge and skills fused with the unlimited canine devotion and readiness to serve his master make a unique union – a man and his dog. At times to your astonishment you can see the level of workmanship which can reach a dog trained by his beloved master. You get absolutely under the impression that the four legged friend is working without any assistance. But behind it is hard work, daily trainings, mistakes, setbacks and from time to time even tears. However tears dry out very fast, mistakes are thoroughly analyzed and corrected, set backs are forgotten and here is a winner’s cherished medal gleaming on your chest and a distinguished gilded cup finds the place of honor on the shelf.

It is gratifying to know that you can just drop in on your friends with your well behaved dog and demonstrate his tricks boasting of the achievements. You can be absolutely sure that you will be invited again and again provided you come with your well schooled canine.

It is quite difficult to train your dog the subtleties of doggy tricks on your own. There is no one at the right time to notice your mistakes, give advice how to correct them and to suggest the fast and right way to teach you dog a new skill.

Working in the environment of congeners dogs learn from each other because animals have a strong sense of imitation "Monkey see, monkey do”. There is another benefit from group training. Often dogs trained individually refuse to work in a company of congeners or strangers. And mistakes made are too hard to correct. 




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